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Push Handle, U-Handle, Bin Rail Holder, Drawer Slides

  • Push Handle

  • With a push handle, you have a comfortable grip design that ensures easy movement of any mobile unit. Three widths are available.

  • U-Handle

  • Use the U-Handle to build your own special size utility cart with three different width choices: 18", 21" or 24". The overall height is 32", not including casters.

  • Bin Rail Holder

  • A bin rail holder creates a more functional work area with the bin rail which allows you to adapt bins to your shelving unit. The bins are sold separately.

  • Drawer Slides

  • Drawer slides, both single and double can compliment any system with specialized areas for storage; this allows bins and trays to be suspended between shelves. Single bin slide mounts 18" and 21" shelves. Double bin slide adapts to 24" shelves only. The bins that accommodate the drawer slides are sold separately.


Push Handles | (see complete chart)

Model No.Product Ship WeightPrice
PH18  $13.14
PH21  $13.73
PH24  $14.33

U-Handles | (see complete chart)

Model No.Out Dim WOut Dim HProduct Ship WeightPrice
UH18 1832 $24.12
UH21 2132 $26.31
UH24 2432 $28.51

Bin Rail Holders | (see complete chart)

Model No.Product Ship WeightPrice
36BH  $33.96
48BH  $35.79
60BH  $36.55

Drawer Slides - Single and Double | (see complete chart)

Model No.Product Ship WeightPrice
DDS-24  $39.24
DS18-24  $17.25